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Pest Control Services in Bristol, Tennessee

If you're experiencing an infestation at your property, turn to Slagle Exterminating LLC to rid your space of the problem immediately. We're a fully licensed and insured pest control provider in Bristol, TN. We perform inspections for homeowners and business owners as well as for mortgage purposes. We offer competitive prices and flexible payment plans.

Our Pest Control Services

Our staff is trained to eliminate flying insects, rodents, and other pests, such as:
Dead cockroach — Pest Control Service in Bristos, TN

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs have made a significant resurgent and have become a major problem worldwide. The traveling public unknowingly moves bed bugs from place to place. Bed bugs can hitch a ride in many ways to get in your home or business. Please see our FAQ page on this nuisance pest and rest assure Slagle is available to eradicate this insect for you.

Cockroach — Pest Control Service in Bristos, TN


Cockroaches are among the most common types of pests that invade commercial and residential structures. They can contaminate food and spread bacteria. If you've noticed signs of roaches, don't hesitate to call on our team to handle the job.
Termite on wood — Pest Control Service in Bristos, TN


Termites cause more damage than fire each year in the United States. Significant termite damage can occur to your property with termites infesting sometimes years before the property owners see any evidence of infestation. Be secure in the knowledge that Slagle will eradicate this damaging insect for you.
Group of ants — Pest Control Service in Bristol, TN


There are about 25 species of ants that invade indoor structures. You may find a trail of ants in certain areas of your property such as the kitchen or the bathroom. They typically enter structures in search of food or to build a nest. Our technicians can properly identify the species of ants in your premises, locate the source, and eliminate them quickly.
Since 1951, Slagle Exterminating LLC has been providing comprehensive pest control services for customers in East Tennessee. Many of our veteran technicians have more than 25 years of experience eradicating all kinds of intrusive pests. When you rely on our dedicated team, we'll ensure complete protection of your property. Contact our office in Bristol, TN, at 423-968-1011 today to schedule an appointment.